Board of Directors

Guiding us forward

The support and focus of our board members keep us headed in the right direction. We thank them from our hearts for the time, energy, and creativity they pour into their commitment to The Institute at Renfrew.

  • James E. Fleagle, President
  • Donna Haugh, Vice President
  • Renee Preso, Treasurer
  • Judy Papoutsis, Secretary
    Matt Baker
  • Maxine Beck
  • Tom Beck
  • Andy Everetts
    Jay Healy
    Karen H. Herald
    John R. Hershey III
    Jeb Keller
    Sean McFarland
  • Catherine Myers
  • Debbie Pflager
    Caroline Royer

The Institute at Renfrew Board of Directors—

Left to right, front: Dick Walsh, Renee Preso, Sean McFarland, Jay Heefner, Maxine Beck, Donna Haugh, Judy Papoutsis. Back: Andy Everetts, Jim Fleagle, Caroline Royer, Karen Herald, Megan Shea Burton, John Hershey, Steve Graham.
Inset—missing from group photo: Jeb Keller, Jay Healy.


The people who make it happen

Offering an in-depth, hands-on experience that blends environmental and cultural learning requires the expertise of many people. Meet the folks who make The Institute at Renfrew experience possible.

  • Tracy Holliday, Executive Director
  • Jessica Watson, Assistant Director
  • Melodie Anderson-Smith, Director of
    Environmental Studies
    Pam Rowland, Director of Cultural Studies
  • Beverly McFarland, Accounts Manager
  • Andrea Struble, Director of Public Relations
  • Jen Atkinson, Faculty
    Melanie Desmond, Faculty
    Doris Goldman, Faculty and
          Director Emeritus of Four-Square Garden
    Krisitie Rhodes, Faculty and
         Director of Four-Square Garden
    Kathy Seiler, Faculty
    Beth Skroban, Faculty and
         Director of Textile Studies
    Nora Slick, Faculty
    Anne Smith, Faculty
    Lynn Teach, Faculty

The Institute at Renfrew Faculty and Staff—

Left to right, front row: Doris Goldman, Nora Slick, Anne Smith, Marty Zimmerman, Pam Rowland. Back, left to right: Kathy Seiler, Beth Skroban, Lynn Teach, Melodie Anderson-Smith, Jen Atkinson, Kristie Rhodes, Jessica Watson, Tracy Holliday.
Inset—missing from group photo: Bev McFarland, Melanie Desmond, Andrea Struble.