Securing our future

Renfrew Institute has established an endowment fund that grows annually through investment income, new donations, and/or bequests. The goal is to grow the fund so that it can eventually produce enough annual income to ensure the continuation of the Institute’s educational programs for future generations.

Every December we launch a supplemental giving campaign for the Endowment Fund. We ask Institute members to give an “extra” gift to help us build our security for the future through the endowment. Nonmembers may also contribute in this way.

The Endowment Fund is managed by our endowment trustees, three highly qualified individuals appointed by the Institute’s board of directors. The fund was established as an irrevocable trust with a separate written “commission” detailing the responsibilities of the trustees and their relationship to the board.

We are pleased that the Fund has been generously supported and has grown significantly since its beginning in 1999. However, we are far from our goal and welcome donations to the fund at any time.

Our “Legacy Giving” brochure is available upon request. Please contact us for a copy or for more information about securing our future.